The BBA Finance Club is a premier student organization focused on enhancing financial knowledge and skills among business students.


  • To provide members with a deep understanding of financial principles and practices through seminars, workshops, and guest lectures from industry experts.
  • To offer hands-on experience in financial analysis, investment strategies, and financial decision-making through real-world projects and simulations.


The BBA Marketing Club is a dynamic student organization dedicated to cultivating innovative marketing skills and strategies among business students.


  • To enhance members' understanding of contemporary marketing concepts and techniques through interactive workshops and guest lectures by industry professionals.
  • To provide practical experience in developing and executing marketing campaigns through collaborative projects and real-world case studies.
  • To foster networking opportunities with marketing professionals and alumni, facilitating career development and mentorship for aspiring marketers.


The BBA HR Club is a student-driven organization dedicated to developing expertise in human resource management and leadership.


  • To enhance members' understanding of HR practices, policies, and strategies through workshops and expert guest lectures.
  • To provide hands-on experience in talent management, employee relations, and organizational development through interactive projects and case studies.
  • To foster professional networking opportunities with HR professionals and industry leaders through events and seminars.
  • To develop leadership and communication skills essential for successful HR management through role-playing activities and leadership training sessions.


The Commerce Department has created different clubs to conduct various activities for the overall development of the students. Two clubs till date have been created:
Creative Catalyst Club
Commerce Emperors

Creative Catalyst Club is a dynamic commerce club composed of one faculty advisor and five dedicated student members. This club aims to foster innovation and creativity in business practices among its members. Through collaborative projects, workshops, and discussions, the Creative Catalyst Club explores contemporary business challenges and develops unique solutions. It serves as a platform for students to enhance their entrepreneurial skills, network with professionals, and gain hands-on experience in commerce-related activities.

Commerce Emperors is an elite commerce organization guided by one faculty advisor and driven by five exceptional student members. This club is dedicated to mastering the intricacies of commerce and business leadership. Members engage in advanced studies, competitive events, and strategic projects that challenge their business acumen and strategic thinking. The Commerce Emperor Club provides a prestigious platform for students to refine their commercial skills, connect with industry leaders, and prepare for influential roles in the business world.


The Computer Application Department has created different clubs to conduct various activities for the overall development of the students. Two clubs till date have been created:
Intelligent Sonic

Intelligent Sonic (ISC) within the Department of Computer Applications (DCA) is dedicated to advancing knowledge and skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI). It offers workshops, seminars, hackathons, and research opportunities, fostering a community of AI enthusiasts and innovators.

Pratibha in the Department of Computer Applications (DCA) focuses on nurturing students' diverse talents through cultural events, literary activities, workshops, and community service, promoting holistic development and personal growth.


The MBA Department has created different clubs to conduct various activities for the overall development of the students. Four clubs till date have been created:
Bulls & Bears- The Finance Club
Entrepreneurial Development Cell
Hello Humans- The HR Club
Data Divers- The Business Analytics Club
Markoholics- The Marketing Club

Bulls & Bears- The Finance Club is dedicated to fostering an understanding of finance among students. The club organizes events like stock market simulations, financial analysis workshops, and guest lectures from industry experts to help members enhance their financial literacy and stay updated on market trends.

Entrepreneurial Development Cell EDC aims to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit among students. It provides resources and support for aspiring entrepreneurs through business plan competitions, startup mentoring sessions, and networking events with successful entrepreneurs and investors.

Hello Humans- The HR Club focuses on human resource management and organizational behavior. The club offers activities such as HR case competitions, personality development workshops, and seminars on the latest HR practices to prepare students for careers in HR.

Data Divers- The Business Analytics Club is dedicated to the field of business analytics. The club conducts workshops on data analysis tools, guest lectures from data science professionals, and projects that involve real-world data problems, helping members develop their analytical skills.

Markoholics- The Marketing Club is all about exploring the world of marketing. The club organizes activities such as brand management workshops, marketing strategy competitions, and talks by marketing experts, aiming to enhance members' marketing knowledge and skills.


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  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Cultural
  • Finance
  • DSW Clubs

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Awards & Rankings

The hall of fame at Chandigarh Business School of Administration brims with awards and accolades. The best of industry research agencies across the nation have bestowed the institute with top rankings and awards. Each year, more & more recognitions keep adding to the count. Take a look at what we’ve achieved so far!

CBSA ranked 20th PAN India in Govt. + Private B schools , 162 rank PAN India in Pvt. B schools and 128 Rank amongst Pvt. B schools North Region. 2nd Rank in Punjab, in the Best B School survey conducted by Business World 2023.

CBSA secured 1st rank among Private B- School Colleges in Punjab and got overall 4th Rank in the Private B- School Universities and Colleges in Punjab. It also bagged 33rd position in private north-zone B School survey by The Week 2022

28th Rank, PAN India in Best B Schools in the category of Return on investment (ROI), No.2 rank in Punjab in ROI category, 91st Rank PAN India in Category of Best B schools for Future Orientation. 174 Rank Overall PAN India in the Best B School survey conducted by Business Today 2022

CBSA has been ranked no 2 in Punjab and no 21st pan India in the category Outstanding B Schools by CSR - GHRDC,2022

CBSA secured 35th rank PAN India in Overall rankings and earned an A+ grade and listed among top 10 B Schools in the category of Corporate and Industry Exposure in the Chronicle 12th all India B School Ranking 2022

Ranked at 5th position PAN India and 1st position in Punjab under the category ‘Top B Schools of Excellence’ in the survey conducted by Competition Success Review in collaboration with GHRDC in 2021.

Ranked at 28th position among the Best B-Schools in India under the category of ROI by Business Today, 2021.

Ranked at 2nd position among the Best Private B-Schools in Punjab by Competition Success Review, 2021

Ranked at 7th position among A-Class B-Schools in India under the ‘Best B-School’ survey by Business Standard, 2021.

Bestowed with ‘Outstanding B-School with Best Placements’ award by ELETS Technomedia in the 20th World Education Summit, 2021


Studying at CGC, Landran turned out to be one of the best experiences! The college facilitated me with all the essential services needed for building a successful career! All of these facilities pushed me to new heights!



In this journey with CGC Landran, I had several opportunities to develop analytical & leadership skills, and proactive thinking. These attributes became the key reasons behind getting placed in DASNAC GROUP with an impressive package of 5.25 LPA.

Ritika Gulaini


Spending two years with welcoming faculty & amazing guides at CGC was mesmerizing. With continuous support, CGC helped me to put my best foot forward. I got placed with a package of 8.2 LPA in Danone Nutricia Pvt. Ltd. as a Key Area Sales Officer.

Ridhi Sood


The best part about this college is that one can always look up to the professors. With the provision of advanced facilities, I have been able to develop my personality and work with one of the most notable companies of the world.


Deloitte US

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